Events & Programs

Wellness on Wednesday : Navigating Wellbeing 2024 - 20th December 2023

Wellness on Wednesday : Navigating Nutrition, Health and Fitness Goal for a Vibrant 2024 - 29th November 2023

Steps to Success - 14th October 2023

10000 Steps for Mental Health  - 14th October 2023

Hiking ke Bukit Pau  - 8th October 2023

Wellness on Wednesday: Jazzercise - A joyful path to health
“Healthy Body Healthy Mind” Charity Event - 7th October 2023

Wellness on Wednesday: Celebrating World Mental Health Day - 4th October 2023

Tea-Talk: Are You Affected by Mental Health - 26th September 2023

Matter of the Mind: Building Resilience and Independence - 10th September 2023

Jury for University Alumni ; Kementerian Pendidikan Tinggi - 28th August 2023

NGO Workshop for Sustainability - 22-23 August 2023

Wellness on Wednesday : Ageing Well and Gracefully - 23rd August 2023

Wellness on Wednesday: Raising Balance Kids - 26th July 2023

Wellness on Wednesday: Peak Health For All Time - 21st June 2023

B40 Youth Camp - 13th May 2023

Wellness on Wednesday: What You Need to Know - 10th May 2023

Wellness on Wednesday: To promote Mental, Emotional and Physical Wellbeing - 12th April 2023

Wellness on Wednesday: Celebrating Ramadhan in the Healthiest Way - 29th March 2023

Program I-za-wen at AKEPT - March, June & November 2023
Produced a module and trained lectures and professors on pitching and proposal writing.


Guinness World Record - Highest Kettlebell swing by YHOW youth Alvin Netto

Relationship between Diabetes and Mental Health - 15th February 2023
by Dr Sangeeta Kaur & Dr Nik Mohd. Adzrul Ariff

Choice Living : Everybody is Somebody - 18th January 2023
by Dr Sangeeta Kaur & Melinda U

Lauching of MOH National Centre of Excellence Mental Health

Majlis Sembang Santai - Menebus Maruah yang Tergadai

Pertologan Psikososial Mangsa Banjir

YHOW Appreciation Day

The Malaysian Youth Summit

Ministry of Health - Agenda Nasional Malaysia Sihat

Ministry of Health - Majlis Agihan Dana untuk Badan Badan Bukan Kerajaan