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Our Objective

To promote mental, emotional & physical wellbeing towards harmonised nations


To commit with compassion


Towards a holistically harmonised world

Dr Sangeeta Kaur & Dato’ Aliyah Karen

Our story....

"I wish to establish a Foundation for mental health.“ Sangeeta

Why? It looks easy but it's not, plus there's already a mental health foundation.” ‘Aliyah

Because I want to share on mental health. Start something so like-minded people have a stable avenue to assist and those who are going through difficulties can benefit from it. I can counsel and help.” Sangeeta

After 4 hours of brainstorming, the picture was painted. The foundation was laid. That, we spearhead something new and different taking a holistic approach towards one’s overall health. The focus was going to be on mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing.

2020 the vision turned into reality. The Health on World Foundation or Yayasan Health on World ( YHOW) stepped right into the pandemic turmoil. The swift reaction towards the pandemic sufferers transformed mindsets, opinions, and reversed negative attitudes towards mental health.

We were present. We engaged and roped in many stakeholders to make impactful differences all around. There were pitfalls. We fell and had bruises but the scars remind us of the people we helped and that's our reward.

Today, our focus remains the same. Help people get better. Be better. Our health matters.

"We didn't dream of success we just had good intent" ‘Aliyah & Sangeeta

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YAYASAN Health On World

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